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With a background in journalism, Michael’s passion lies in educating audiences in the realm of tech. He is especially intrigued by the world of app development and all associated facets including Android, iOS, blockchain, and dApp technology. Michael has spent the last few years working with app agencies to elevate their content strategy and expand his knowledge even further as app development technologies advance. When he’s not typing away at his computer, you can find Michael traveling the globe or taste-testing pizzas in search of the ultimate pie.
How AI & Chatbots Are Changing the App Development Field

How AI & Chatbots Are Changing the App Development Field

They may be ubiquitous nowadays, but mobile phones have been quite a revolution when they showed, and especially when they turned “smart”. Although now it seems like smartphones have been with us forever, this moment was not so long ago – it was only about a decade ago. What’s even more attractive for anyone interested […]

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