Web development is one of the popular techniques to create different functionalities in web pages with the help of programming languages. Usually, the web developers make use of the HTML, CSS and JavaScript languages to design an interactive website efficiently.

6 Mistakes You Might Be Making As A New Web Developer

An individual who is interested to develop the web pages must have development skills, essential resources, and suitable hardware. Nowadays, there are a plethora of web development study materials and tutorials are available on the internet. However, it is trickier to learn the best practices and technologies on own.

Beginner web developers commonly do certain mistakes while learning. Go through this article to know how you can avoid mistakes while learning and attain your career goal.

Depending On jQuery

JQuery is a JavaScript library that makes a layer of abstraction for DOM manipulation, event handling and still more. Most of the beginner web developers think that jQuery is the easier part of JavaScript for front-end development.

In fact, JavaScript is a unique scripting language which cannot be replaced with jQuery alone. The one who completely relies on jQuery has to face many challenges as a front-end developer as you will be lack of core JavaScript concepts.

How to Avoid: You can learn jQuery as an additional part to the JavaScript language.

Learning JS Frameworks

Nowadays, there are a huge number of JavaScript frameworks available and some of them are Angular, React, Vue. The beginner web developers are learning the JS frameworks or tools without a complete understanding of JavaScript, which is considered as the biggest mistake in web development learning.

It is possible to work with JS frameworks and libraries only when you are well-versed in JavaScript. With the lack of knowledge in JavaScript, you can’t be able to learn the frameworks in a clear-cut manner.

How to Avoid: Learn all the concepts and have a strong foundation in JavaScript before jumping into frameworks.

Learning Bootstrap

Bootstrap is one of the well-known frameworks especially used to build websites with the best UI (User Interface). The beginner web developers assume that bootstrap is the easiest way to design a web application with more styles. In reality, the recruiters consider that you are lack of knowledge in CSS and other style languages.

How to Avoid: Learn CSS and its related fundamental concepts to improve yourself as a web developer and get employed in a professional web development company.

Failing To Modularize Your Code

It is very important to check whether your code is modular or not and you should not store them all in one HTML file. Having the HTML, CSS and Javascript codes in a single file may create a great mess while learning.

How to Avoid: Keep the Javascript code as a separate file or store it as an external one. It provides better visibility and enables you to learn architecture in a simple way. 

Not Using Semantic File

It is found that many newbie web developers are using the <div> and <span> often. The web developers are not learning the semantic HTML 5 elements to use them in real-time. But, you should take advantage of those semantic elements as they are easily accessible.

How to Avoid: Search for the semantic elements that are available for you. In addition to this, you can learn web accessibility to get hired in the web development company quickly.

Lack of Responsive Design Skills

Responsive web designs skills are very important for all the beginner web developers. This is because; most of the people are using different kinds of devices to surf the internet than the desktop systems. So, you must be able to develop the websites that suit all screen sizes.

How to Avoid: Go through the web development tutorials to learn and create a responsive web design. You should master the web application development with the mobile-first approach.

Final Thoughts

Thus, these are the 6 common mistakes that you should be avoided by a beginner web developer. Understand the mistakes you made in the development process and think the best solution to solve it ideally. You have to learn the web development concepts with more focus take some time to learn, put your effort from the very beginning and wait to acquire better outcomes!