How Artificial Intelligence Will Impact Mobile App Development in 2019

How Artificial Intelligence Will Impact Mobile App Development in 2019

As a consumer, people are always on the lookout for much easier and more personalized apps. For instance, an e-commerce app such as Amazon cannot show with its all pomp and glory everything that is available on its website for purchase. If the user is a student, he is going to think, ‘What am I going to do with wedding jeweler?’ Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning narrow this down for a user-driven personalized experience. Artificial Intelligence coupled with Mobile Development is a key factor for both the business people and the users. On extensive research, we have zeroed down on the impact that Artificial Intelligence will have on Mobile App Development in 2019.

1. Targeting More Potential Customers:

On combining Artificial Intelligence with mobile apps, the chances of getting potential customers to buy a product increases on a greater scale. The AI will filter the choicest of products based on the user information, the learning from a previous purchase and so on. These will not only help the customers see what they actually want to buy, but also help the business owners target their potential customers.

2. Total Systems Integration:

With AI, users enjoy the connect that their smart watches, household appliances and security alarms have between each other. With Internet of Things also doing the rounds, the total systems integration is guaranteed through AI in mobile apps. When implemented is going to make the user control everything with a single touch from one place. This multi-tasking is something that is possible only with AI.

3. The Code Developer’s Haven:

On implementing AI, the code developer’s job also becomes much easier because it changes the core foundation of the app. An app developer with a keen eye for using AI as leverage would be able to play with one-of-a-kind codes in a much simplified and adaptable environment.

4. Automation:

Artificial Intelligence automates a process on the basis of filters and assists in providing with a superb user interface. For instance, with AI, the food delivery apps are able to provide with options based on customer’s favorite food, detect restaurants that deliver food quickly and also see the reviews of a particular restaurant for the user to zero down on their choice. This automated AI does help the user by eliminating everything that he/she will not require.

5. Speedy and Customized Content:

Streaming apps such as Amazon Prime Video, Hot star and Netflix get the user preferences on their favorite shows. Using the information provided, the app quickly generates the shows/movies that would appeal the user. This way, AI works wonders in providing customized content.

6. Machine Learning:

AI and Machine Learning are powerful together. On gathering information more and more and following keenly the user’s actions, this would even be able to predict the kind of response that would satisfy the user. Chatbots are made to constantly learn and be optimized for providing a customer with a great experience as well as utmost satisfaction. The Chatbots these days perform much better than Customer Support Professionals and it is predicted that fully responsive chatbots will come into play maximum by 2024.


The impact that AI has created, is creating and will create in the future is much. It is seen with optimum care that AI is only used for the benefit of the public at large. We really don’t need a catastrophe of the I, Robot types, do we? Using the resources and trusted information responsibly, Artificial Intelligence is bound create a positive impact in 2019.

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    The undeniable impact of AI will lead to intelligent apps becoming the new norm for businesses. Building applications that adapt to the needs of users mean that businesses must direct their focus to data. How will data be collected? How will the data be fed to machines and how often will data input be needed? Will data experts specializing in machine learning be hired permanently or contracted through another firm?


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