Everything is changing rapidly in this dynamic world. Some things never seem to cease. Instead, the whole information technology is changing dramatically. Cloud computing with the help of Microsoft AZ-203, programming languages such as Python and networking with Cisco are the hot trends of information technology.

In the entire programming domain, one of the most sought-after skills is Python. But the actual questions are, why it is this much worthy? Where it can take you? Apart from these, there could be many other questions in your mind. We’ll discuss all these questions and let you know how you can get a job as Python Developer.

As a programming language, Python is a very simple and easy programming language to learn. With its easy compilation feature and simple to read text, Python cuts development time in half. To support visualization, data analysis, and manipulation, it has plenty of libraries. Python is considered a “Must” for Professionals. It is going to be the “Next Big Thing” due to its capabilities and evolvement as the most preferred programming language.

Python Career Opportunities:

Python demands hands-on and inclination towards being curious. You should like to fiddle around the system for various issues and multiple errors. Python demands you to get your hands willingly dirty.

For the Data Scientists, Python programming language is currently the most popular language worldwide, according to an independent survey conducted by a third party.

IEEE tracks programming languages by popularity and this claim is substantiated by them. Python tops the list of the most popular programming languages in 2019, according to them. Here I’m enlisting some domains in which Python is finding its applications.

  • Web Development and Frameworks
  • Game Development
  • Big Data
  • Web Testing
  • AI/ Data Science
  • Smart Devices

How to Become Python Developer:

You can use various sources to learn Python and become an expert Python developer.

Pearson VUE and OpenEDG Python Institute are the leaders in computer-based testing. For the Python programming language, Pearson VUE, and OpenEDG Python institute, both with mutual cooperation created a certification program. You can avail their courses, learn and groom your skills, pass the exam and get your certification.

A very simple rule to learn Python is, pick up a tutorial and complete it. Pick another after that and complete it. Repeat the process to learn as much as you want. But make sure when to move to the next level. Don’t get stuck on the same level. A single video course or book will not cut it. Along with progressive overload, you need continual exposure to code. A bunch of cool qualities such as patience, persistence, and commitment is required.

Responsibilities as Python Developer:

Someone who knows the Python programming language, becoming a Python developer is the most direct job. Core duties of a Python Developer could be:

  • Optimize Data Algorithms
  • Build Websites
  • Implementing data protection and security
  • Solve Data Analytics problems
  • Write efficient code

A wide array of companies are looking for Python developers. Learn Python today and build your future for tomorrow as a Python Developer. Many well-known tech companies are looking for you to start your career with them.

Get Job as a Python Developer:

After learning Python, you don’t need to worry about the job. Just register your ID on job hunting websites and create an eye-catchy resume to apply. Make sure to make your Python skill prominent. You’ll obviously get an interview call. But after that, you have to prove your skills to get the job.

Python on your resume can only take you to the interview table. After that, it depends on you.