The beginning of every business journey is marked with certain dilemmas. From financial and organizational to marketing concerns, new business owners have a lot on their plate. At this moment, one of the key prerequisites for business success is clear online visibility. If you expose your business to your target audience, these figures will soon convert into customers and sales. In this article, you’ll see how to increase your online business presence by using genuine visuals.

How to Increase the Visibility of Your Business

1) Include original photos

The number of photo stock websites is increasing as we speak. Only a few years ago, people would mostly use Flickr. Today, however, Internet users look for images on Pixabay, Unsplash, Pexels, and many other sources. The main advantage of such websites is the possibility to get some stunning pictures for free. What’s more, you can invest a few dollars to download a whole package of great photos.

The main drawback of this visual policy is a lack of authenticity. Avid Internet surfers might notice that so many businesses use photos that look alike. They have similar motives, they’re taken similarly, and they send a uniform message. As opposed to that, the future of online business marketing lies in visual originality.

Instead of posting dozens of universal pictures, business owners should take and publish their original photos. For instance, you can photograph your office, the exterior of your business, and your stands at trade shows. What’s more, you should post photos of your workers, their everyday efforts, and your business processes. All those photos can be taken with a modern smartphone. So, this visual authenticity won’t incur any additional expenses. And your potential partners and customers will be happy to see how you run your business and what it takes to make it roll.

2) Shoot promo and explainer videos

The video craze has taken the global market by storm in this decade. According to the stats published by Wordstream, about 45% of US mobile users spend more than an hour per week watching videos on YouTube or Facebook. So, it seems that the saying ‘Time is money’ has never been more accurate than today.

In other words, if you manage to chip a few seconds or minutes of that video share, you’ll quickly spread the word about your business. One of the best ways to do that is to make promotional and explainer videos. For starters, you need to set a goal for these videos. If you’re planning to shoot a promotional video, it’s important to present something tangible in it. Newly founded businesses might not have enough representative materials for this purpose.

In that case, you should shoot the current affairs in your office. For instance, include the development process in the video or let your workers talk about their momentary projects. Of course, one part of this promo video can contain the history of your business and your vision. As for explainer videos, make sure that you discuss what your business does in detail.

Apart from that, think about adding subtitles to let every user understand your message. Also, you might want to offer subtitles in different languages if you’re aiming at some specific markets.

3) Focus on Instagram

Instagram business stats are incredible. According to the analysis available on the Sproutsocial website, about 80% of Instagram users follow at least one business profile on this social network. In the same report, you can see that video posts generate 38% more users’ activity than images.

So, it’s clear what we’re trying to say here: new business owners should focus on Instagram. This policy becomes even more necessary if you target people in their twenties.

What are the most efficient ways to do that?

Firstly, use the original photos and videos from the first paragraph. Instagram users like authentic visuals, especially when they offer some benefits. Secondly, publish content on Instagram every single day. Sometimes your posts can contain interesting current affairs from your niche. Still, focus on your own business and its promotion.

Finally, use hashtags and other tools to grow your Instagram account organically. This will ensure a constant inflow of new followers and, consequently, new potential leads.

4) Launch a user-friendly website

Now that we’ve dealt with some efficient off-website marketing strategies, let’s focus on your website. This place should be the hub of all your online activities. Whenever you generate leads and provoke interest in your business, people will come to your website.

It’s vital to speak your mind here clearly and smoothly. The sooner your visitors understand your message, the higher sales you can expect. For starters, forget about the complex in-depth organization. You want it all and you want it now. In other words, you should make a strong impact on your visitors at once.

You can do that by reducing the number of pop-up windows and banner ads. Also, you can grasp visitors’ attention by using call-to-action phrases. Take good care of your landing pages, as well. Avoid using long phrases and glitzy content when your leads are just a click away from becoming your customers. Break down your messages on landing pages to your visitors in an understandable way.

Apart from that, the guys from a Houston web application development team suggest launching a separate mobile app. This move will increase your marketing potential via mobile users. Hence, it will enhance your online presence. In a nutshell, the friendlier your website is toward your visitors, the more likely they are to turn into your customers.


This is the age of visuals and business owners need to adjust to those trends. It’s not enough only to have original business ideas and reach your goals. Business owners need to know how to present their concepts to the online audience. This is where original visuals come on stage. They will genuinely convey your business message so that everybody can perceive what you’re talking about.

Finally, when you present your enterprise using the ideas from this article, you’ll stand out from the pack. And this is something that people will appreciate. So, follow our tips for original business visuals and don’t hesitate to put your ideas to practice. All these things will add to the online visibility of your business.