Top Web Design Trends For 2018

Top Web Design Trends For 2018

With the constant evolvement of skills involved in web design, there is always a need for you to keep up with the times or be ahead of the times. Having an online presence is vital for the success of your business or organisation. But having this is not just enough due to the high competition in the digital world. You will need to set yourself apart from the competition out there by providing the best of services and design. With new skills concerning web design developed everyday, you will need to be able to know what is in demand. In this article, we focus on the top design trends for 2018.

♦ Mobile First : mobile browsing is currently more used than other mediums, having a website that is responsive to mobile is not an option, it is a must. Creating a design responsive to mobile should be the first requirement before any other. Irrespective of this, the design of your website should be responsive on all types of screens. Navigation that is simple on mobile is now a priority for web design, for this reason,  this website design company make it inclusive in all it design projects.

♦ Interactive : In today’s age, users demand an interactive content, they also demand a personalized experience which an interactive content provides. Having an interactive content leads to increase in traffic, keeps users engaged and improves conversion rates. Having contents like a direct link of communication between users and service provider, where questions or comments are made and answers to them are immediately provided, also content like quizzes and polls are useful. If you are having difficulties in creating interactive content, there are tools to help you with it.

♦ Full width “hero” images : This is an emerging trend, with more and more web design making use of full width. This has proven to create more allure than multi images, keeping online users attracted to your website is needed for increase in conversion rates.

Full width hero image stillsolution

♦ Videos and Animations : Involving videos and animation in the content of your website is getting more buzz. Creation of content with the use of short videos and animation gets the attention of the user and gives him or her the luxury of not wasting time searching for information. It is also a great way of creating trust between your potential clients and you.

video animation StillSolution

♦ Monochromatic and Bright Colors : Websites are making more use of monochromatic and bright colors, and all signs indicates that it will be more trendy. When used properly, it gives your website a captivating, harmonious and simple look and as a designer it makes the job easier as you do not have to pick a lot of colors and they are easy to apply.

Monochromatic color stillsolution

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