There was a time when blogging was considered to be a virtual diary. It used to be an online recording of your feelings, thoughts, and opinions on a particular subject. But today, blogging is a whole new business. People mention the products they have lined up to launch. Multinational companies invest a humongous amount of money in their online presence. Thus, making it a point that the 21st century is all about successful blogs leading to successful businesses. 

Writing is no more the only factor contributing to the blog’s quality rather, availing of excellent SEO services, creating relevant content, consistency, and creating awareness about your brand have become the key features to let your business see the pinnacles of success. Many great businesses crash because of their lack of understanding of this modern business, yet many small businesses bloom into larger ones with clever promotion strategies of their blogs. 

Here are 9 effective ways to boost the reach of your blog and attract more customers for your business.

1) Do SEO for Your Blog

As business owners, your prime focus should always be to make your platform visible to your customers. If your shop has the most unique and clear billboard in a crowded market, customers will be attracted more and will visit your shop. The online system is not much different in this case. By creating a prominent SEO for your blog, you make it easier for your users to find you conveniently. In a labyrinth of small rural areas, a particular address is hard to find because every place looks alike and is congested. One would not want the same to happen to their online shop concealed behind the blogs of so many other businesses. 

To help your content appear on search engine results pages, use on-page and off-page search engine optimization (SEO) techniques (SERPs). The SEO performance can be enhanced by using the right website platform and hosting services. Regularly updating content lets search engines bring your page upfront when searching for it. There are highly advanced tools that you can use for free yet would make your blog available on top searches. 

2) Do Proper Keyword Research

The keyword may seem like a simple topic to cover when it comes to blogging. It is not. A keyword needs to be added with thorough attention to it. You can find some keywords on the internet and evaluate their volume. It tells you how a certain keyword is being searched most of the time. 

Moreover, the online platforms can be used to select topics and questions that face high competition. People may want to learn about Moroccan Tiles more than the Victorian tiles. But if you are writing an article on the least popular topic, you will have a lesser audience. You need to predict the searcher’s intent and make your content available to them from which they can be benefitted. 

Note that Google does provide free tools that can be quite useful for learning about the competitive meter of a certain keyword.

3) Social Share your Blog

 More than half of the world’s population is present on at least one medium of social media. Instagram and Twitter are places where brands create their identities and make their services available in different parts of the world. Therefore, it is highly recommended to spread your blog content by sharing them on multiple mediums. It is a cost-effective approach, and you never know what post of yours will hit the audience more. With consistency in this department and a thoughtful approach about what to post that could align nicely with your identity, you can go places. Do not forget to drive your traffic towards your blog by adding a link to it in your ‘Bio’. It is one of the first things that social media users see on your blog when they view it.

4) Paid Advertising

Initially, you may not want to invest in advertisements. But when you have built up somewhat of a market of your own, the best strategy is to invest in paid advertisements. You can either pay the social media platforms to further sponsor your ads. Or you could ask freelancers to promote your blog. A good advertisement is also a factor contributing to better search engine optimization. 

5) Guest Post on Popular Blogs

Guest posting leaves a link on some relevant blog that the audience might want to visit. All you have to do is to find relevant content, go to their writers and ask them if they would allow guest posting. They can insert a link to your blog on theirs. This way, you can attract more viewers. You can also earn about the authority domain using internet tools like backlink analysis.

6) Do Social Bookmarking of Your Blog

If you allow this feature on your blog, your audience can bookmark your blog and revisit it whenever they need it. There are sites where you can bookmark your blog. You can attract a newer audience and readers into your sphere by doing so. They will visit your site and may like a lot of other content you are uploading. 

7) Promote Your Blog in Online Forums

Find your internet circle and mention your blog there. We have a community of bloggers welcoming new bloggers every day. You should take advantage of this facility as well. You can request other bloggers for help and learn new techniques from them. At the same time, their audience can also follow you on your blog. 

8) Try Reciprocal Sharing Sites

This is more of a ‘give and take relationship’. You post other people’s blogs on your site or link theirs to yours and talk to them about sharing your content too. It is two-way traffic. You let their content visit you while driving your content to their sites. 

9) Reach out to Influencers 

We have many influencers in modern times. They have so many followers. And a lot of them are so nice that if they like your content, they will share it on their page. Resultantly, you will have a massive number of people visiting your site. All you have to do is to try your luck. Reach all the influencers who have more followers than you and request them to check out your page. 

Final Say 

You can conquer the business world with all of these strategies in mind. Blog promotion is not difficult, but it is a time-consuming process. With sheer consistency and creative approaches, you can become a household name.