How to Create a Happy Work Environment Using Intranet

Believe it or not; but, work environment has a direct impact on the productivity of an employee. If the work environment is somewhat restrictive and gives a feeling of dictatorship, you cannot expect the employee to present his 100% efforts and dedication in meeting the organization’s objective. According to a research report, there exist five important practices of happiness, viz. kind deeds, exercise meditation, gratitude and journaling. Amongst these, gratitude is the most pivotal parameter that has the potential to fill the surrounding with happiness and cheer (both in personal and professional life).

Here, we will discuss about this parameter along with the intranet can help in creating a joyous work environment –

  1. Thank You Notes

More than any remuneration, an employee wants appreciation and recognition of his good work. Appreciating the employee for even the smallest of the smallest things will motivate him to work with more enthusiasm and stand a chance to be the claimant for appraisals, rewards and appreciation. To accomplish this, you can use a display board for thanking the deserving employees. Set a feasible goal for your team and after its completion, paste ‘thank you’ on the board. The employees will feel happy as they see the notes, while coming to and leaving from the office. Additionally, you can officially announce the successful fulfillment of the team’s target on the company’s intranet. This way, your entire staff will be motivated.

  1. Daily Huddles

You might have heard of this term before, especially in sports. But slowly and steadily, this technique has found its place in the global workplace as well. It is a unique way of discussing new techniques and ideas with your employees and colleagues. Most of the organizations have adopted this technique and are finding new solutions to make it more interesting and participative in nature. One of the most productive solutions is building Daily Huddle application on the organization’s intranet. Intranet, as you know, is a great medium to facilitate strong and clear internal communication. Hence, if daily huddle will be integrated with the intranet, it would certainly be an added advantage. Using the intranet, you will be able to discuss and share new ideas with your staff in an effective and productive manner. Also, it will help the employees feel connected with the organization; they will feel that they are also an important part of the organization.

  1. Client’s Feedback

Lastly, sharing client’s feedback on the intranet (MyHub) is a superb idea to create happiness and motivation in the work environment. Generally, the measurement of a company’s performance is done through net promoter scores, satisfaction surveys and various other indicators. What gets lost, is the real commentary and the personal feedback from the client’s end. The team working on a given project receives different mails of appreciation, amazing call session online, a card/ package, satisfaction survey commentary and other stuff which highlights the satisfaction level of the client. However, these things never come to the front; they remain stuck in the mail inbox of the employees. So, don’t you think that allowing the employees to share such feedbacks on the intranet will be a great channel to support a healthy work environment? This will not just make the concerned employee happy, but also motivate him and others to keep up the good work and get a chance to share their achievements on the company’s intranet.


As mentioned above, appreciation is the biggest motivating factor for every employee. It doesn’t mean that they do not desire for any kind of enjoyment in life; it’s just that these activities are less fulfilling than recognition of work. So, as an employer, one must always think about incorporating appreciation, gratitude and recognition into the work culture. Additionally, to boost up energy in the team, a ‘thank you’ (said face-to-face or the intranet) is all what you need to say.