A website should be simple yet visually charming. The simplicity is more or less concerned about the development side while its look and feel belongs to the designing. Right from the colors to fonts to images to graphics, all matters in the way a website is presented to the world.

So, if your website does not have a sync between its elements, then it will surely have high bounce and exit rates. Sales and conversion rates will be hit when the design lacks quality. That’s why, you should take a lot of care with the design so that visitors don’t exist the site immediately.

Why web design has to be rich in quality?

Look and feel of a website is important and it ensures more visits and better conversion. If the site is not appealing, it will fail to stir the imagination of users.

Here are reasons why web design has to have quality –

  • If the design is not inspiring, visitors won’t stay on the site beyond a few seconds
  • Simple and good design helps visitors find things easily on the site
  • Dull design fails to bind visitors and this dents the conversion and sales prospects
  • Without good design, site’s overall performance will take a hit

Tips to improve web design

There are some tips and tricks to improve web design and you should know them well. This is how you boost the worth of the site.

Here are some of those tips –

  • Keep the home page clean and simple as this makes it look visually charming
  • Avoid overstuffing the home page and rather put only relevant information over there
  • Keep the home page space clutter free so that visitors feel good about the site
  • Make sure that only high-quality and high-resolution images are used
  • Never put in images that have pixel capacity stretched as this leaves a bad impression on users
  • Be specific about the navigation and ensure an intuitive navigation
  • Icons and menus for navigation should be clearly visible so that visitors can find them and go about browsing the site
  • Don’t take freedom with the selection of colors and rather use only those combinations that are easy and pleasing on the eyes
  • Trust responsive design and this helps keep your website mobile-friendly and enriches it with prospects
  • Have a polished, professional logo, link it to the home page or put in on the site in a clear manner
  • Avoid making the site visually overloaded with images and graphics as this often confuses users no end
  • Having competing call to action too is harmful as it takes away focus and leaves visitors largely confused
  • Never have too much texts in a single paragraph and rather give visitors some breathing space to decode the message in short snippet
  • Always use professional stock photos to leave a good impression on visitors
  • Never use fonts and styles for images and texts that are not easy to read and understand across devices and browsers
  • It’s important to design every page as a landing page as only this can boost your conversion rates
  • Don’t make your site heavy or overload with images and videos else it will take time to load
  • Design your buttons in a place to make them look attractive as this is how you can lure visitors into taking some action
  • And lastly, make sure to test your design and check whether all the elements fit into places or not

In overall, trust a top web design company and boost your success rate on the website. Not every company can deliver great result and you should know it better for sure.