Launched in 2006, Twitter is one of the most popular social media networks today. Whether for business or personal scrolling, people love to receive updates and news on Twitter. According to recent studies and reports, more than 100 million people use Twitter daily. At the same time, more than 500 million tweets are sent daily. It is indeed one of the best social media networking sites for receiving news or connecting with old high school friends.

Likewise, Twitter is a social media tool that can be used for business and management purposes. Whenever we focus on today’s digital marketers and social media marketing services, they have a very active focus on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and other platforms. Most of the time, maximum people are available on social media platforms, as these platforms have multiple advertising opportunities. Twitter is one such platform that offers you a fantastic way to maintain perfect networking and real-time relationships with clients and prospects.

Twitter & its interface are perfect for sharing content at any time. Suppose that you want to utilize them for your business. In this case, you can use various features like hashtag bifurcation, tweet analysis, reporting, controlling the following and followers, and endless opportunities.

In this article we’ve curated top 10 Twitter marketing tools to use in 2022. Let’s explore them!

1. Analysis Tool

It is essential to open a business account on Twitter. To get all insights of the Twitter handle and follow all the KPIs that attract you. It is recommended that you use the following tools:

  • Audiense: Also famous as SocialBro, this platform is one of the most effective ones when you want to know everything about your account. It has a free version that can be used to know basic analysis, data about when is the right time to publish tweets, tools, and features to increase followers, and much more. Social media marketing services can use this tool to develop a successful social media strategy.
  • SocialRank: Want to find a solution for who your genuine followers are? Social Rank Twitter marketing tool will help you know you’re most faithful and active followers. Isn’t it interesting? 
  • Bluenod: You can add a hashtag or just a simple username, and you will be able to see a visual map of the location of users around you who tweet about the related topic. It is one of the most interesting Twitter Marketing Toolsas it is a perfect tool that can be used for reporting and to give an excellent visual touch to the account.

2. Chat Tools for Twitter

When you’re an active brand, business, or celebrity on social media platforms, you’re bound to get a lot of chat messages. But that can be chaotic at times. Also, one needs to organize chats and group conversations. You can use these tools.

  • TweetChat: Convert a simple hashtag into a chatroom. Just log in to a specific hashtag, and you will see numerous chats and conversations, and those will automatically be added to your tweets.
  • ChatSalad: It is a Twitter chat calendar to check the tweet schedule. You can see the time, date, and hashtags that will be used. It will also ensure that you quickly follow them and do not miss a single one you are interested in!
  • TwChat: With the TwChat tool, a brand will be able to officially register a hashtag to create its chat room or conversation group that comes with specific geographical reasons.

3. Tweetdeck

Tweetdeck is one of the most effective and famous Twitter marketing tools for digital and social media marketing services. It may at first seem like it is merely a monitoring or tweeting platform for professional use. However, Tweetdeck is just beyond that. It has a super ability to manage multiple Twitter handles in one place and simultaneously.

It helps you find the best hashtags, mentions, lists, etc. Additionally, it also helps to track tweets in real-time, organize tweets, and engagement of the tweet. In short, it is an all-in-one tool to build Twitter lists, reach your audience, monitor conversations, look out for trends, and much more. It also helps manage customer service effectively and is one of the best Twitter marketing tools for businesses.

4. Buffer

Buffer is another original and suitable social media and digital marketing platform. You can use Buffer to manage all social media handles like Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram, etc. It has advanced features like easy posting, analyzing and calculating the best time for posting, multiple social media channel scheduling, etc. All you need to do is upgrade your account to enjoy multiple Twitter handles. It is also one of the best Twitter Marketing Tools.

5. HootSuite

HootSuite is a famous social media and digital marketing tool. It has advanced Twitter management tools to take your business Twitter handle to the next level. You can grow your audience, manage customer service queries, schedule and automate social media posting. Additionally, you can add, search, and filter Twitter conversations via keywords, hashtags, etc. Likewise, HootSuite is the best tool for arranging and running marketing campaigns, and they run effectively for businesses and show results. Many social media advertising companies use this tool for effective marketing campaigns.

6. SocialPilot

When you need to focus more on social media marketing and management, SocialPilot is the one for you. This tool is effective for Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, TikTok, and many other social media platforms. It helps you manage accounts, analyzes the followers and following lists, makes an in-depth analysis of hashtags, Twitter mentions audience engagement, and much more. Also, this tool effectively helps to curate relevant content. It is one of the best Twitter Marketing Tools a business can use to grow organically.

7. Hashtagify

A business also needs hashtag management platform tools like post and platform management. Hashtagify is a tool to check the complete analysis of any hashtag you use for business, products, or services. This way, you can find the latest hashtags and keep the existing hashtags under control. Likewise, how many people have used hashtags can be correctly calculated? Many influencers and bloggers use this interesting Twitter marketing tool to get better results.

8. BuzzSumo

As we know, BuzzSumo is an all-in-one content marketing tool. It helps a business to search, discover, create and collaborate simultaneously. A business can use BuzzSumo to check what type of content is best performing for any topic or service and let you know who shares it. In addition, it helps you check which content is a success for your competitors. It is the best Twitter marketing tool to make your content relevant and stay ahead of your competitors anytime.

It’s all about Discovery, Research, Influencers, and Monitoring.

Discovery: You’ll get a chance to explore high-performing content on the platform and by the competitors, so you can fetch more links, likes, shares, and comments.

Research: With BuzzSumo, you get a chance to analyze billions of data and social media content to sharpen your marketing strategy. In this way, you can go deeper and develop a perfect marketing plan to increase sales.

Influencers: One of the most important things social media advertising companies focus on is influencer marketing. Influencers can help a business boost sales by 40% and beyond. With the help of this tool, you can meet and collaborate with the best influencers for content marketing success.

Monitoring: All you can do is monitor your overall account and watch competitors’ activities and posts for success.

9. Crowdfire

want to follow the right people? And you want to know the right followers? Crowdfire is here to rescue you. Being one of the best Twitter marketing tools, Crowdfire helps you to ensure that you follow the right people on social media platforms. It can help you to take your Twitter handle to the next level.

This tool includes modern features for content marketing, content curation, competitors’ analysis, post schedule settings, post engagement analysis, reporting, and much more. It has an excellent, visually attractive, and easy-to-use interface that helps to accelerate customer engagement and service. Many social media advertising companies are making use of the Crowdfire tool. It is indeed a mobile-friendly platform.

10. Meet Edgar

You have everything perfect, content, planning, execution, and content strategy, but do you find that there is something not perfect, like scheduling the post on time? Relax, Meet Edgar is a tool for all users who have irregular schedules for the posts. This is a tool that helps you to automate content scheduling uniquely. Edgar’s tool helps you categorize content and assign a specific publishing time for each category. Likewise, a business can find a proper target audience for their content marketing. It ensures your content reaches a broader audience.

Final Words

Social media marketing has become a necessity as most people spend their time on these platforms trying to figure out ways to reach an audience. Whether you consider Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram, every platform needs tools for effective marketing campaigns. We focus on the Twitter platform and Twitter marketing toolsfor businesses. These tools will gradually bring expected results in the long run.